Different Types of Social Engineering Assessment Services

1 min readOct 20, 2023

Social engineering assessment services play a major role in many real-world cyberattacks. Many hackers use different ways to gain unauthorized access from business employees. But with the help of social engineering assessment, you can test the speed of your organization’s incident detection as well as reporting processes.

Below are the different types of social engineering services that’ll save your business in the long run.

Common Types of Social Engineering Assessment Services For Every IT Businesses

1. Phishing assessments that stop malicious emails sent to multiple employees.

2. Vishing by manipulative phone calls.

3. On-site assessments.

4. Whaling by email attacks that target the C-suite.

5. Smishing through manipulative mobile text messages.

Whatever business needs you may have, the team from Annexus Technologies will make your organization safe and secure. We’ll identify the weakness your business has with our social engineering assessment services. And, suggest the remediation that’ll mitigate your risk. Contact us now and learn more about our process.