Essential Things To Know Before Setting Up A Wireless Network

3 min readDec 6, 2023

A safe and secure wireless network is necessary to ensure that your business operates flawlessly online. In a world where cyber crimes are so common, it’s difficult to safeguard your business network from cyber attacks and hackers.

Hackers can easily hack your WiFi and can create serious trouble. However, many wireless network installation companies in Jamaica offer service providers and advertise wireless solutions. In this blog, we’ll try to uncover some of the essential things that every person should know before setting up a wireless network for their online businesses.

Top Important Things Before Installing A Wireless Network

1. Consider The Purpose of Your Network

Before starting any further, you need to first determine why you’re planning and implementing the wireless connection. Also, learn about its usage to get a clear sense of purpose.

Afterward, you can give your customers the choice to get connected whenever they want to.

2. Choose The Right Internet Plan

It’s essential to monitor your network usage. Therefore, you need to choose the right internet plan. You can also compare the plan types and evaluate coverage with network quality.

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3. Add Security To Your Wireless Network

It is obvious that your wireless network will require a high level of security from cyber attackers. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor it to ensure its security.

You’ll also need to enable firewall protection, assign user access, and so much more. But it will become easy if you have a professional by your side who can assist you.

4. Always Implement The Appropriate Hardware

Nowadays, getting the right hardware is easy. So, it’s best to use the hardware that suits your devices well. You may also need to consider the standards utilized for high-speed networks and wireless transmissions, such as 802.11a and 802.11g.

However, 802.11b is also reliable. But it delivers slow internet speeds.

5. Remember To Have A Good Maintenance of It From Time To Time

Always keep your firmware and network adapter devices updated. The updated and well-maintained wireless network devices will offer an increased performance. There are many wireless network installers in Jamaica that offer annual support options. It will help keep your network up to date.

6. Learn About Network Integration

It helps pinpoint end-to-end network visibility as well as integration needs. It’s a process of combining different wireless technologies to create an efficient network of users and overlapping wireless solutions.


Having a wireless network will help your business reach new heights. But it is also important to have it protected against upcoming cyberattacks and also from hackers.

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